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I’m making a move: Stellar Meetings is now focused on meetings and events in the life sciences. 

But why? Why life sciences? It’s more than finding a niche. Life sciences has become a natural fit. I keep finding myself surrounded by, working with and reading about people from the life sciences world. 

I don’t have a science-y mind or a mathematical mind. I’m more science adjacent. I’ve always worked with the people that are on the cutting edge of new diagnostics, research, medicines and treatments. I just love to be around these people, who work together to make it happen.

I love working with people who see their work as a mission. My clients tear up when talking about their work. They spend their careers developing, testing, or teaching about life-saving drugs. Being around them is inspiring. By specializing in life sciences events, I get to work with these people every day.

I also get to collaborate with every part of the industry, from diagnosticians to researchers to factory teams to companies that manufacture gauze. Event planners can end up seeing little bits and pieces of their clients’ businesses. I get to see it all come together.

And, honestly, I’ve done this for a long time. Since the beginning of my career I have worked with members of the life science community.

If you’re a Stellar client now, you won’t notice a thing. Maybe a bit of a spring in my step. I’m doing what I’ve always loved.

I have been planning meetings for far more years than I care to admit. My clients are all in the life sciences. I’ve decided to own it. These are my people. These are the companies I want to serve.