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Take a Bow

You Really Like Us!

Take A Bow.

They like us, they really like us! 

“We regularly rely on Stellar as a critical adjunct to our own in-house marketing department. They fit into our organization, taking on specialized responsibilities, such as very creative gift design and production. We have never been disappointed, either in the quality of their service or in their ability to work with an existing organization.”


“It’s hard to talk about creativity and technology in the same breath, but that’s what we get from Stellar. They have the creative ability to design one-of-a-kind themes and venues, and they also have the technical expertise to make sure everything goes on without a hitch.”

~ Marketing Director 

“So much goes into a successful meeting, and there are so many opportunities for it all to fall apart. Stellar anticipates problems and takes care of them before they become issues for us. I don’t know when they sleep, but they sure make it easier for us to do so.”

“Having one source for all our meeting needs has been a real benefit for us. We don’t have to deal with multiple vendors who can never seen to figure out who’s responsible for what. With Stellar, one company is accountable for everything. It’s easier on us and it seems to produce a much better result.”

“Stellar is one of our key ‘go-to’ organizations. When we need simultaneous meetings in multiple cities, we go to them. When we need really innovative gifts for our executive meetings, we go to them. When we need a creative program for our sales meetings, we go to Stellar. It always works.”

“Every meeting has many, many components, but with all the balls in the air, Bonni and her staff still want to know if there is anything else we need. I look forward to working with Stellar again.”

~ VP Sales, Medical Education

“I am in charge of 50 different meetings, once or twice a month. There are so many details. Even though our program had run well before we brought Stellar on to manage the program, my life is much easier now. I don’t have to worry about all the details and our training center is a showcase.”

~ VP Marketing

“I worked with Bonni for years and I’m absolutely confident in her ability to make the right decision, all the time. As our meetings manager, she often had to make decisions on my behalf, she executed my most detailed requests and made decisions on my behalf. To this day, I have not worked with a more competent, confident, excellent performer.”

~ Sales Director

“My company has worked with many meeting planners and some of their service is lacking. Not so with Stellar, who designed and executed a tequila tasting event for us! The event was sophisticated, interesting and classy. Bonni and her staff were perfect representatives of our company, creating a perfect end-of-the-program thank you for our guests.”

~ Director of Medical Education

“My experience as a speaker working with Bonni has been fantastic. She is high energy, positive, savvy (she has even written a book on tips for speakers which is great), and quick to respond. Bonni pays attention to the smallest detail, while also combining at the highest level the needs of her clients with the capabilities of her speakers.”

~ Fortune 100 Founder, Speaker

“Working with Bonni has been and will continue to be a pleasure. She is a true professional that has gone out of her way to ensure that every event, internal or client facing, exceeded expectations. In addition to living the mantra the customer is always right now matter how asinine the request, she constantly comes in under budget. Bonni has done a tremendous job managing domestics and international events. She’s not afraid to say no and or offer alternative ideas. Of course we’re going to continue using her in the future.”

~ VP Sales

“Stellar Meetings and Events does a fabulous job of meeting facilitation. From start to finish, it is a pleasure working with Bonni and knowing that she’s already anticipating ways to improve the final product and streamline costs. I know that any last-minute situation that sneaks up will be met with a quick solution from Bonni and her team – with the meeting attendees unaware that there was ever any issue. To me, that type of service is invaluable!”

~ Clinical Director

“I have had the honor of working with Bonni Scepkowski, CEO of Stellar Meetings & Events, on meetings and events ranging from small advisory council meetings to large annual client gatherings.
Bonni is a consummate professional, experienced in every aspect of meeting and event planning. She works with a network of experienced professionals in the hospitality industry who are dedicated to providing only the highest quality of customer service.
Bonni’s focus on impeccable service is reflected in every choice she makes, and my guests never fail to remark on the spectacular experience they’ve had attending one of our meetings. Our clients have come to know and adore Bonni, and many ask for her by name.
Stellar brings creativity, innovation, and a wonderful sense of joy to the planning of each meeting. From selecting a meeting location and designing the program, to contracting speakers and managing the guest registration, to producing conference materials and managing on-site staff, we count on Stellar Meetings to provide a full suite of planning services to meet every one of our needs.
Bonni’s creativity has been especially helpful during the past two years as our company, like many others, was forced to adapt to a changing economy. Bonni negotiated more favorable contracts with our vendors, and by providing innovative cost-cutting solutions which helped us to maximize our investment in each meeting, helped us to continue to host the high-quality meetings our attendees have come to expect.
Bonni is also an asset to our marketing team, as she plans meetings and events that distinguish our company from others in the industry. Clients look forward to attending our meetings because they know they can expect stimulating content, phenomenal speakers, incredible food and service, and fantastic entertainment.
It is a testament to the high-quality of our meetings that, in the face of industry-wide budget restrictions on travel, many of our clients have dipped into their own pockets to attend. Stellar is a true partner in the meeting planning process, and an exceptional manager on-site. My confidence in their ability to manage our meetings permits me spend more time with our clients and develop critical relationships that last long after the meeting’s end.”
~ Marketing Director

“Stellar has been a valued partner of ours for more than 5 years. Under the partnership, we have built a branded event for our clients that demonstrates our customer service, thought leadership, technical prowess, and most important, delivers revenue. Stellar’s commitment to professionalism allows us to focus on our customers, knowing that the details of the event are being managed seamlessly and effectively. They are budget conscious, while never sacrificing the quality or classiness of the event.”


“Anybody could do the logistics. We hired Bonni for her ability to help us encapsulate our goals into an actionable agenda and articulate our value to our clients through content development, and speaker selection. Bonni is one of those people who has your best interests at heart even when she first meets you. She worked tirelessly in the background, with no desire for the spotlight. Her satisfaction came from the spectacular event that resulted in large part from her efforts.”

“In my 5 years (so far) in working with Stellar, it was always a given that Bonni would do a great job in organizing and running our client facing and internal events. We have come to depend on her creatively as well as organizationally in many ways. The clients who interacted with Bonni would rave about her, which gave us such confidence and trust that she became our de facto business partner. I would be thrilled to work with a trusted partner like Bonni and would recommend her without question.”

~ Global VP Sales

“Bonni is quite the professional. She does wonderful work while keeping a keen eye on the bottom line. If you want to get for what you asked and more, and have it delivered to you professionally and probably under cost, Bonni is the person to contact.”

~ MD, Private Practice

“Bonni truly understands her client’s needs, which is a something you do not see from the majority of meeting planners in our industry. Because of this, I am able to negotiate better pricing and additional values for her programs.”

~ Director, Sales and Marketing (Hotel)

“Bonni managed our sales meeting for us, and did an excellent job of getting the best prices, most convenient and unique locations, and best values. She handled very fluid situations with aplomb and did an excellent job planning meetings and events in far-flung locations.”

~ Sales Executive

“Bonni’s company has managed all aspects of our major events for years. Bonni’s expertise and deep knowledge of the event industry and players have always ensured successful, exciting events. Bonni and her team are always professional, yet take the time to learn about my team and me personally. She is sincerely passionate about providing excellent service. I can’t imagine going to anyone else for our event planning and execution.”

~ President

“Bonni, always has everyone’s best interests at heart. She knows how to take care of the Customer and the Hotel. Detailed, always there with an answer. She falls in my top three favorite meeting planners.”

~ Director of Sales, Hotel

“Bonni is super. I cannot think of a better person to help our company grow. We have had fantastic results, and truly “Stellar” meetings with Bonni and her company.”

~ VP Organizational Behavior

“What a great job you did at our program last week. I think it’s those little things that mean so much. As we chatted after the meeting your dedication to our success was evident.”

~ Attendee

“Bonni and her team do a fantastic job and have been a pleasure to work with. Bonni’s knowledge and expertise helped me craft a talk that was really well targeted for the audience. Also, she happens to be a terrific person who ran a really fun and interesting event. I am hoping to work with her and her company in the future.”

~ Author, Speaker, CEO

It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn’t use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like “What about lunch?””

                 ~ Winnie the pooh

“Thanks for the amazing team building and networking activities! You made everyone feel comfortable right from the start, even though we were coming from different offices, cultures, and countries. Thank you for treating our money like it’s yours. You helped us drill down to the main reasons we were holding this conference, and not spend our valuable time and resources on anything that didn’t drive real value for our participants, and ultimately, or organization.
Bonni assimilated into our C-Suite effortlessly, and was able to hold her own, defend her vision for the betterment of our company’s conference, and respectfully speak her mind. We loved that she was not afraid to say no and offer alternate ideas and solutions that ultimately proved to be the right decision. You actually gave up potential income for yourself to put our needs first. You told us not to do something that would have earned you more money, but it was the right call for us. Thank you.
You were spectacular in how you anticipated and served the needs of all the various cultures, generations, and learning styles in our participants from all over the world. Thank you for going out of your way to understand the nuances and made everyone comfortable.
Our pre-planning sessions were amazing as we were laying out the foundation for this congress. Your ability to assimilate into our culture and marketing department was second-to none.”

~ VP Marketing

“I rely on Stellar to handle numerous meetings and events for us. I have never been disappointed, either in their service or their ability to work within our in-house marketing department.”
“So much goes into a successful meeting and there are so many opportunities for it to fall apart. Stellar anticipates any problems and resolves them before they become issues for us.”
“Having one source for all our meeting needs has been a real benefit to us. With Stellar, one company is accountable. It’s easier on us and producers a better result.”

“I would like to express my appreciation to you and your team for creating and managing another outstanding event. Our recent Knowledge Summit was simply the best event of any of the previous eight. This sentiment was shared as evidenced by the evaluations by the client attendees – all rated the event as extraordinary. While we have come to expect outstanding results from Stellar, I am particularly appreciative that you manage our money as though it were yours. The detail with which you review hotel and venue invoices for accuracy resulted in appreciable savings for us. By our last count, your review resulted in $45,000 of avoided costs. Well done. It is important for us to know that you are applying your unique skills on our behalf in managing every aspect of the event. Our marketing team is looking forward to planning next year’s Knowledge Summit! I assured them that you will top this year’s event.”

~ Chairman & CEO

“I have been attending events that Stellar Meetings and Events have planned for 4 years. After two years of attending meetings that they had planned I thought it was time for our organization to provide the same type of customer service and organization that I had experienced first hand. Working with Ms. Scepkowski has been a joy, not to mention the amount of money she has saved our organization through her hands on style. Hotel room rates and hotel provided catering cost have gone down with quality continuously going up. Customer service and price is what makes us repeat customers.” 

~ Association Executive Director

“Bonni is the best meeting planner I have ever met! She is conscientious, attentive and attuned to the needs of speakers. She always makes sure that I have what I need. Her team is professional and always addresses any technical issues with acumen making sure that the speakers are presented in the best possible way. I have been to many events she has planned and find that every event runs flawlessly because she takes the time to make sure that the speakers, the client and the attendees are well taken care of and are treated like royalty. I strongly recommend Bonni as a meeting planner!” 

~ Professor/Consultant