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30 Years Of Strategic Meetings in the Life Sciences

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Bonni Scepkowski

The Brain, the Looks & the Humor behind Stellar Meetings.

As the Principal and Chief Strategy Officer of Stellar Meetings, I made it my mission to ensure that each organization achieves their goals “on-budget” and “on-schedule” when it comes to their event. 

I’m also the company’s master curator of carpets (if you know what I mean). 

Whether it’s bringing business owners and clients together to build deep loyalties, or assembling an internal team to engage, learn, and network, nobody knows Life Sciences meetings better than our team.  Over the years, we’ve handled various projects such as management of association annual meetings, client loyalty meetings, sales and marketing meetings and some others that defy description.

With every client, we strive to develop event marketing programs that build client loyalty and brand recognition while keeping a tight focus on the budget and schedule. The end result is that you walk away from the event, feeling like a star, so to speak. That is what makes us happy. 

Let us take care of your event, from start to finish.  Give us a call today