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Virtual Meetings

The actual buses and bagels of meetings.


As a long time meeting planner who has been doing online meetings since the invention of the webcam (circa 1923), I hear a lot of people complaining about how boring virtual meetings can be. It’s the same complaint that I’ve been hearing for decades about (other people’s) live meetings, but the pain is compounded by the Zoom fatigue that we are all experiencing.

Well, I say you can’t blame the meeting or the platform, you have to blame the lack of strategy and creativity that have to go into any meeting.

There are virtually (see what I did there?) countless ways to engage your audience.

Here are some of the ways that I’ve enlivened my client’s virtual meetings. And for good measure, I’ve thrown in some bonus ideas that I still have in the hopper for that special client willing to take the plunge into the world of the non-boring (wink, wink, hint, hint)

Host a Virtual…

  • Escape Room
  • Personal live behind the scenes tours (museums, zoos, cities, wineries, coffee farms)
  • Choose your adventure
  • Yoga intermission breaks
  • How it’s made
  • Meet the family (also works with pets and houseplants)
  • Goat yoga
  • Wine and chocolate (or cheese or charcuterie) pairings
  • Cross-pollinating discussions (Across generations, geography, mission)
  • Tequila tastings (the participants really loved this one) with mango margaritas
  • The Science of Aromatherapy
  • Pet video festival
  • 5-minute Networking Roulette
  • Holiday cocktails and mocktails (Groundhog Day is right around the corner)
  • Office decorating to celebrate company or employee milestones
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Beer and donut flights

Call me. Write me. Send me a telegram. Or dare I say we hop on a Zoom?