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Meeting & Event Management in the Life Sciences

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We Know Life Sciences
Meetings & Events

You work in the life sciences. It’s more than a career. It’s a calling.

This is our calling: Creating and managing significant, compelling events for all sectors of the life sciences industry.

With 30 years of experience working in your industry, we understand how to exceed your expectations every step of the way. From strategy development to logistics to industry specific content, we help you to deliver programs that are both relevant and valuable to your audience. We take on all the details and distractions that you care to delegate. Want to be involved in every step? That’s fine, too. We’re there to help you avoid pitfalls, unnecessary expenses, and undesirable risks while you engage, educate and network with your peers and clients. That’s the recipe for a successful event.

OK, But What’s An “Event?”

Here’s a sample of what we do…

  • Team building: We help you address team challenges and take advantage of opportunities to build connections that deliver bottom-line results.
  • Client events: We help you attract, impress & retain your clients through strategic, purposeful events. Let us help you to build long term engagement through interactive programs designed with client evangelism in mind.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: Your culture is what makes you unique, yet merging your culture with that of another organization can dilute both. Your biggest challenge can be to define and polish who you are now… while building on your integration through events.
  • Product rollouts:  Get your new product or service off to a great start. You’ve spent countless hours/days/years building an exciting new offering. We ensure your investment doesn’t fall flat at the reveal stage.
  • Scientific symposia: We get that these are more  comprehensive & demanding programs. We can help to keep the engagement level up.
  • Board meetings: We’ll handle the important details and refined execution required to create a successful meeting for your most discerning attendees.
  • CME meetings: We know that the rules of engagement in CME programs are complex. We understand that compliance can mean the difference between the educational program of your dreams and a time consuming regulatory nightmare.
  • Investigator & Key Opinion Leaders meetings: We understand the guidelines and the regulatory and compliance policies and limitations you must adhere to. We also get the need to impress and engage. These do not have to be mutually exclusive goals.
  • Wet Labs: We’ve conducted large scale wet lab programs for hundreds of surgeons. From engagements of sponsors to the recruitment of attendees. Pig eyes? We’ve handled them.

What else? Contact us and find out!

Stellar Meetings And Events Management