Case Studies

Why yes, we’ve done that before… 

So, that happened… 


Creating Client Loyalty

A software leader responsible for mitigating risk and providing intensive training to meet clients’ regulatory and compliance needs was in danger of becoming a help desk. Instead of building the business, their time was spent on the phone fielding client questions and criticisms. 

The challenge brought to us: how do they stop themselves from becoming a customer service hotline and  transform instead into industry thought leaders? Stellar helped devise a branding event. 

The innovative meeting “Mitigating Risk: Decisions, Mistakes, and Learning” included presentations by two Pulitzer Prize winning authors, and the Chief Learning Officer at a major education company.  Book signings and an art museum event allowed the invited opinion leaders and educators to interact creatively. 

Their clients said it was the most beneficial meeting they had ever attended.  Sixteen years later, this meeting has become a much-anticipated, well-attended annual event.  This program provides peer networking and learning opportunities which create client evangelists while consistently generating new business. 

Forensic Accounting

The in-house meeting planner suddenly resigns, right after the biggest meeting of the year, leaving behind a seemingly-impenetrable pile of unpaid bills.  Stellar was on the job immediately to interpret the invoices from 17 different vendors and reconcile the finances. 

When all was said and done, $70,000 in errors were deducted from the $525,000 meeting total. Stellar routinely saves 1520% through due diligence.  Our strong  and longstanding relationships with hotels and other meeting vendors around the world equate to buying power on your behalf. Stellar is respected within the industry, and hoteliers value and welcome our clients, which translates to higher levels of service and cost savings.


Stellar helped pioneer surgical training at the American Society for Cataract and Refractive Surgeons annual convention. Along with the ASCRS team, Stellar brought together hundreds of eye surgeons to train at the hands of dozens of world-renowned experts who delivered real-time surgical experience. Using pig & cadaver eyes to practice cataract and glaucoma procedures in the lab gives surgeons the skills needed for live surgeries. 

Stellar obtains not only the sponsors who donate the instruments and disposable goods required for surgery, but the surgical nurses necessary to make the 25 one-hour classes happen, one after the other over the course of three days. 2018 marked ten years for Stellar & ASCRS. Building from the success of the ASCRS wet-labs, in 2015 we began our continuing partnership with The Cornea Society to  manage a similar program for cornea transplant surgeons. 

The biggest obstacle to the success of both programs was bringing in 25 different, competing vendors to one room for a week in front of their mutual clients. The value of the program became instantly obvious to the sponsors, as they worked together to improve surgical outcomes.


At the close of a successful West Coast networking and training meeting, Stellar discovered that a blizzard had shut down all Eastern airports.  The bad news:  all 100 attendees were from the East. 

The good news: Stellar not only extended hotel stays and provided impromptu wining and dining, but also arranged for a golf outing, a SeaWorld excursion, and a shuttle to downtown La Jolla.  Stellar worked through the night to make sure everyone arrived home safe and satisfied within 48 hours.    

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